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Further your interests or discover new ones!  Music, food, gardening, languages and so much more!

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Pay online safely with a credit card, bank transfer, voucher or by installments.

Choose the experience

1. Choose the experience

Find the course or educational event that best suits your needs.


2. Join

Book your place. You will be redirected to the website SweetHive, where you will have to create your personal account, it is a completely safe platform guaranteed by WiredExprience to manage the sale of the courses.



Confirmation and Payment

3. Confirmation and Payment

Choose between the different methods of payment. The amount will be charged only at the moment of acceptance.

You will receive a personal code that you will have to bring with you on the first day of the session.

Join the Network

4. Join the Network

Meet your trainers and the other participants online on our WeAcademy.


Why buy on WiredExprience and not directly from the school?

WiredExprience is the channel that uses the school for the online sale. Buying on WiredExperience is like buying directly from the school.


Will I get my money back if the course does not start?

Yes, if the course does not start the Terms of Refund will apply and the amount will be directly refunded, based on the chosen method of payment.


Is the payment safe?

Absolutely! Nor the organiser or WiredExperience will have any access to your personal data for payment that will be managed through a system of guaranteed safe payment.


When will I get the confirmation of my course registration?

The experience’s organiser has three days to accept your request. In case the organiser should not confirm it in this period of time, it will be automatically cancelled.


What is SweetHive?

SweetHive is the platform that supports the WiredExperience community, a virtual space to exchange information, contributions and experiences. A special place that allows you to always stay up to date, even after the end of the course.


Any other questions?

Read our F.A.Q.