Free publishing

Propose your own in-class courses or events, seminars or workshops!

Smooth and immediate management

Reduce all the administrative and organisational activities.

Become a certified Coordinator

1. Become a certified Coordinator

Create your account complete with information to guarantee the reliability and value of the courses published

Publish a course or an event

2. Publish a course or an event

Follow all the steps to propose your experience stating all the necessary information

Collect the registrations

3. Collect the registrations

Confirm the participation requests to your course or event

Manage payments

4. Manage payments

You will be transferred all the payments within 6 working days from the date of the last session. Our service fees will be deducted.

Engage the participants and create your network

5. Engage the participants and create your network

Share immediately information and materials with new participants

Why use WiredExperience?

WiredExperience allows you to manage quickly every phase of the online sale of your courses so that you don’t have to deal with administrative activities.
Using WiredExperience is like purchasing directly from you!

How much does using WiredExperience cost me?

Publishing courses is free, we will only retain a percentage of the purchases once carried out. For more information >>

How do I publish a course or an event?

The courses and educational events are published on WiredExperience by filling out a form that includes a title, a clear and complete description, and a defined price.
If you wish so you can choose to offer the experience for free, in this case, the price will not be indicated in the ad.
A course can have one or more sessions – or classes – and each will have a calendar shared with the participants. The event, on the other hand, can be a concert, a performance or a meeting. To make the experience more interesting and add value to it you can create bundles.

How do I collect registrations?

Once you receive a registration request from the participants, the Coordinator has three days to accept it. Only afterward the system generates the registration and the participant can join the WeAcademy online where he can access information and contents provided by the Coordinator. The amount for the registration will only be debited to the participant once the Coordinator accepts the request.

How are payments managed?

A safe and protected method, for your peace of mind. We will transfer all the payments from participants – deducting directly our service fees. Within 6 working days from the date of the last session, we will make a bank transfer to the Coordinator’s account retaining only the percentage owed to WiredExperience.
This system also allows managing more easily any possible refunds to participants.

What is SweetHive?

SweetHive is the platform that supports the WiredExerience community, a virtual space to exchange information, contributions, and experiences. A special place that allows you to always be informed and up to date, even after the end of the course.

Any other questions?

See our F.A.Q.