Want to organize a Course?


The easiest and flexible way to do it: your WeAcademy!


About Wired Experience

The system that makes easy for Course and Event Organizers to create great Experiences for their audience of Participants.

It helps you with your Course and Events set-up, registrations and payments collection, contents and Community management: it's based on the Context-Sharing platform SweetHive!

1. About WeAcademy

You can share contents and communications with your Participants

We will let you open an online space, a WeAcademy, to organize all management phases and your Participants. Wired Experience is based on the Content-Sharing platform Sweethive, which simplifies complex operations: like managing a Course or an Event.

2. Create your WeAcademy

A WeAcademy makes your steps easier.

Wired Experience makes you able to manage all dynamics of Course and Event set-up, like organizing contents and Instructors, publishing announcements on the Marketplace, collecting bookings and payments of Participants.
Stop with excel files and sending thousands of emails. Start opening your WeAcademy with few simple steps.


3. Create a Course

Create one or more Courses in your WeAcademy

For every Course you can create many Sessions (or Classes): each Session has a specific calendar. Even Managing more sessions of the same Course will be very easy. An Event insted could be a meeting, a concert or a generic show. It takes place only once, but you can add different packages. Both the Course and the Event are published with an Announcement. It is made of a title, a short description and a price (it can even be free).


4. Organizer profile

You will be asked to create an Organizer Profile.

In order to make all announcements reliable and valuable we ask every aspiring Organizer to enroll for an Organizer Account. Wired Experience verifies every Organizer account before allowing his announcements to be published.
Don't worry, are just few steps to make you recognized by the WiredExperience Community.

6. Collecting bookings

Wait to receive registration requests from Participants.

Once received, Organizer has up to 72 hours to confirm each participant request. Soon after the Confirmation, the Participant will be registered to the Course or the Event and will enter immediately in your WeAcademy: every Participant is already enabled to see Contents and other Users bound to their Session (or Class).
Only when Organizer has confirmed the request, the amount will be charged on the Participant's Credit Card.


7. Collecting payments

A safe way to collect payments from registrations

You don't need to pay anything in advance. We will transfer all payments from Participants taking our Service Fee. We will transfer the due amount to the Organizer within six working days from the last Session end date. In case of refund to the Participant it will be very easy for you.

8. Present yourself at the Course

Meet your Participants

The Course starting day don't miss the opportunity to be present at the location and introduce your Instructors to your Participants. You can be only Organizer or both Organizer and Instructor, in this case you must be present, of course! Remember that you are the responsible for the success of the whole duration of your Courses and Events.

9.Engage your WeAcademy Community

Keep in touch with your Participants

Every time you accept a registration request, a new Participant will be added to your WeAcademy. You will be able to share contents of your Courses or Events with who attends them. More contents you will share and higher will be your interaction, greater will be your Community. If you make a good job as Community manager, it will be easy for you to contact your Users to suggest new great Experiences. And all of this without sending any email!


Find the Course or Event you like on the Marketplace. Choose the Session that best fits your calendar.


Purchase safely. Your payment will be charged only after Organizer's confirmation. Wired Experience will keep the amount until six working days after the beginning of the Course.


Once you join an Organizer's WeAcademy on Sweethive platform, your attendance and engagement start immediately! Bring the booking code with you at first class.

Refund policies

Any complains about the Organizer? In case of problems you can count on the Refunding Terms!