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In our marketplace you will find the best Corse or Event around you. Select one according to time, location and price you prefer. Cooking, theatre, music...and many others. Start to Connect with Experience!

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How it works

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Do you want to Organize a Course or an Event? We provide the easiest service to manage all phases of organization, managing contents and instructors, publish announcements, collect bookings and payments from participants.

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How to open a WeAcademy

About Wired Experience

The System that makes to possible to who's looking for Courses or Events around, to find the best Experiences offered by a network of Organizers.

Wired Experience lets you do all of this and much more, because is based on the Context-Sharing platform Sweethive.

1. How it works

Choose a Course or Event which fits best for you.

Joining Courses or Events on WiredExperience makes you always "Experience connected". You can keep alive relationships with your classmates and Istructors for a long time inside the WeAcademies. These are online places where you access every time you register to a Course or an Event, thanks to the Context Sharing platform Sweethive. Here you will find your Community of other Participants as you and all contents realated to your Courses and Events.
And Experience never expires, if you find interesting Communities, you could be in touch with instructors and receive new contents!


2. Find a Course or Event

Go to the Shop and search between Courses and Events Announcements, in the location you prefer.

A Course is defined by a title, description and price range and offers one or many Sessions (or Classes): each Session has a specific Calendar of lessons, and could have a different Price (ie. for the same Course, a Session with a lesson Calendar during working time could be cheaper than one Session whose lessons are in the Evening). An Event is something that normally starts and ends within a close time. Courses and Events take place in locations like classrooms, rooms, theathers, kitchens and others. The Organizer is the Course or Event responsible and has a public Organizer Profile.

Book the most suitable Session for you!


3. Signing up

Register as Participant for a Course or Event Session.

While registering to a Session we will ask to create an User Account on the SweetHive Platform, on whom WiredExperience is based. If the Session requires a Payment, it will be asked to insert a valid Credit Cart (we will make a pre-authorization on that card, but payment will be charged only when Organizer will confirm your request). The Organizer of that Course or Event will have 5 days to accept your request, just wait that it will be accepted. In case the Organizer will not Accept it within this time frame, the Registration request will be automatically deleted.

4. Payment

A safe Payment system for bookings.

When you Register to a Paid Session, it is required to insert a valid Credit Card. Neither Organizer or WiredExperience will have any access to your payment data, that are managed through a Safe payment system. You can also use Discount Codes o Vouchers if you have.

The amount for the Registration will be charged on you Credit Card only when the Organizaer will accept your request. Otherwise, any charge will be done. In case of Problems, you can see the Refunding Terms and money will be returned directly on your Credit Card.

For any question Contact Us! We are here to help you.

5. Get involved...

Keep in touch with Instructors and other Participants inside the WeAcademies online!

A Registration, to a Course or an Event, lets you become part of the WeAcademy created by the Organizer (on the Context-Sharing Platform SweetHive).
You will be able to start communicating with your Instructors, meeting other Participants and see the shared contents in preview.
Then present yourself at the Location and in the dates written on your Session. Remember to bring with you the Registration Code, and to show it to the Instructor or the Organizer.

...always Connected with the Experience!

And after Course or Event ends?

You can stay connected with your Instructors and other Partecipants, because with WiredExperience the Experience never ends!


Find the Course or Event you like on the Marketplace. Choose the Session that best fits your calendar.


Purchase safely. Your payment will be charged only after Organizer's confirmation. Wired Experience will keep the amount until six working days after the beginning of the Course.


Once you join an Organizer's WeAcademy on Sweethive platform, your attendance and engagement start immediately! Bring the booking code with you at first class.

Refund policies

Any complain about the Organizer? In case of problems you can count on the Refunding Terms!